Know About The Features Of Tandem Trailer

Know About The Features Of Tandem Trailer

The tandem trailers have a dual axle and four wheels. The extra wheels of the tandem trailer help you to support heavy loads and it provides firmness. Most people choose a tandem trailer or single axle trailer. In this article let us discuss some basic information about the tandem trailer. If you are planning to buy a new 4×4 trailer then this article will be very helpful.

Difference Between the Single axle and Dual axle (tandem trailer)

The single axle 4×4 trailer has one axle and at each end,Guest Posting the wheels are fitted to it. The axle part is fixed to the trailer using spring. In some models, the axle part is attached directly to the trailer using clamp or hardware support. The dual axle (tandem trailer) trailer has two axles. The distance between the two axles is very less. The cargo’s weight can be scattered using this type.

Some of the main benefits of a single axle trailer are the parts for maintaining are very less. The wheels, bearing, and brakes must be maintained properly. Single axle trailers have lightweight so they can be easily towed with less cost. It needs very less space for parking and it is very easy to park when compared with the tandem trailer. The cost of a single axle is less when compared with the dual axle.

The suspension of the dual axle trailer is very superior. Proper loading will reduce the bouncing of the trailer. Dual axle trailers are safer than the single axle trailer. Tandem trailers are stable and reliable. The failure of tires happens very rarely. Even if it occurs it can be easily changed with the help of jack.

Choosing between a single axle and tandem trailer is a little difficult. You must choose based on your work need. Some of the important business things you must consider for selecting are listed below.

Size Loads:When you are planning commercial truck trailer to buy a trailer choosing one between the single axle and tandem trailers as it mainly depends on the total weight that you want to carry using the trailer. If you are planning to buy a trailer for personal use like carrying furniture, green waste, or for a small industrial application then the best option is a single axle trailer. Later if needed you can include a trailer cage to it to increase the total capacity of the single axle trailer.

If you are buying a 4×4 trailer to carry loads more than 2 ton then the right option is the tandem trailer. Some of the tandem trailer used for carrying heavy loads are stock crate trailers, plant trailers, car trailers, tipper trailers, and box trailers. Tandem trailers are durable and strong.

Some of the other things you must consider while selecting the trailer are the frequency of towing, experience, the total cost for long term applications. If you like to have a smooth right then the best option is tandem trailers, also they are versatile. Tipper trailers can be used both for personal purposes and commercial use. The registration cost is the same for both single axle and dual axle trailer.

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