San Antonio's King William District

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We love San Antonio for its rich history and culture. Wherever you go in the city, there is always something unique, beautiful, incredible, or historic to be found. No where is this more apparent than in The King William District. This neighborhood is rich in history and cultural diversity. From art galleries, to bed and breakfasts, to just outstanding historical homes built in incredible Greek Revival and Victorian architectural styles, this neighborhood truly encompasses what San Antonio is all about.

But this neighborhood needs help. While great historical attractions like the Guenther House and the Steves Homestead Museum bring a number of tourists to San Antonio, they need constant care and upkeep. The King William District does not simply want to exist. This community also strives to give back to this outstanding city. That is where the King William Association comes in. Their mission is to maintain the residential and historical structures of this storied district, while also protecting community beliefs, and promoting educational, cultural, and recreational pursuits and activities. The King William Association is heavily committed to community service, and it shows through their multiple contributions to schools and establishments in the area, and through their wildly popular fundraiser – the King William Fair.

Their work is varied and impressive. Every year the King William Association provides scholarships to students at Brackenridge High School to attend Alamo Community Colleges. They also provide funding to the Brackenridge football team, who in turn help out at the King William Fair. In the past they have combined forces with the likes of Basura Bash and the Green Team to clean their river corridor and plant and care for neighborhood trees. They also support SAY Si – a prospering arts program for talented teenagers. This is just a glimpse at all of the great work that this non-profit organization does.

The King William Association has over 300 members, but they are looking for more! If you would like to get more information, sign up for the King William newsletter, or become a member for the low fee of $10 a year. Just head to their website to find out what it's all about.

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