Boysville of Texas

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Millions of children across our country live in broken homes. Whether through abuse, terminally ill parents, or unforeseen circumstances, these children have to cope with issues many of us take for granted – like whether they will have a bed to sleep in, or food to eat. Their situation is pretty grim, but all hope is not lost. Boysville of Texas is one organization that is changing the lives of less fortunate children and they are located right in San Antonio.

Founded in 1943, Boysville is a non-profit organization that helps children in crisis, both boys and girls, who cannot remain in their own homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, their parents simply cannot take care of them because the parents themselves are facing life obstacles. Boysville helps these children build their futures and lead enriched, happy lives. From infancy all the way up to the collegiate level, Boysville is committed to ensuring that these kids are on the right path, and ready to become responsible adults.

By providing food, shelter, and clothing, and medical services, Boysville makes available the basic necessities needed to make a child feel safe and comfortable. Children living at Boysville can realize their potential and are encouraged to explore college, trade or military options; options that may have previously seemed like a dream. Children are removed from abuse cycles or poverty cycles and taught to become an active part of society.

Workers at Boysville will easily tell you what a rewarding experience their job is, being able to change children’s lives for the better. If you would like to know more information about volunteering with this great organization, visit their website or call at (210) 659-1901 ext. 294. Make quality use of your time, and join this exceptional organization.